Nail polish during pregnancy: Harmless or harmful?

Nail polish during pregnancy: Harmless or harmful?

Nail polish during pregnancy - allowed or not?

For many women, colorful toenails or fingernails are simply a part of life. But what about the substances they contain, can they harm the pregnancy? An overview.

Short overview: Nail polish during pregnancy

What is known so far? There are no studies that prove direct harm from nail polish during pregnancy. Nevertheless, many experts advise taking precautions.

Harmful substances: Numerous components in nail polish can affect the hormonal system, some are even suspected of being carcinogenic. However, they are only contained in nail polish in very small quantities.

Alternative "free" polishes: Some manufacturers offer nail polishes with fewer harmful substances.

Article contents at a glance:

  • What you should know
  • Harmful substances
  • Suspicious nitrosamines
  • Gel and acrylic nails
  • "Free" nail polish

In short: What you should know about nail polish during pregnancy

When it comes to nail polish, it's like hair dye: there are no official recommendations to avoid these cosmetics during pregnancy. But that doesn't mean the all-clear either, because the body absorbs ingredients from cosmetics through the skin, and that includes chemicals and pollutants. However, it is unclear whether and in what concentration they can reach the baby through nail polish. Accordingly, the recommendations range from "just don't" to "harmless" - depending on who you ask.

Here you can learn more about hair coloring during pregnancy.

Some ingredients in nail polish are suspected of being carcinogenic or affecting the hormonal and nervous systems. However, if you paint your nails occasionally, it is unlikely that you will harm your baby.

However, during pregnancy, always use acetone-free nail polish remover and make sure to ventilate well both when applying and removing nail polish, as many harmful substances can also enter the body through inhalation. To be on the safe side, you can either verzichten on nail polish altogether during pregnancy or use a "free" version that contains fewer harmful substances.

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